I’m a stay at home mom and honestly, I am tired most of the time. Tired of the doctor, therapy, and dental appointments. The constant prompting of pick up your room kids and it’s time to wake up and get ready for school. I am tired.

So my oldest as i’ve mentioned before was diagnosed with ASD, anxiety, depression, and ADHD. He is 13 years old and also has gender identity issues which started right after puberty hit and it hit like a ton of bricks. I have to prompt and remind him every day of simple tasks of hygiene, cleanliness, and finishing homework. On top of that working on social skills and how to find that common ground with another person to carry on a simple conversation.

For social skills, I use roleplay and scenarios on which he’d talk to his friends at school and that really helps and he’s calm when we do this. His therapist gives him prompts and lists of examples of friends and acquaintances for what is okay and not okay to talk about. He gets obsessed about certain topics and then pretty much that is all he talks about to everyone and anyone who talks to him.

He is in partial outpatient right for the next ten days and hopefully, he’ll develop some better coping skills and some more social skills.

I’ve heard from others that it does get easier with age and honestly, I think it should get better in high school. It did get better in high school when I went because of different social groups and more positive outlets. Here’s to better outlooks and working on coping and social skills.


Bullying already?


(Photo credit: Asperger/Autism Network)

I’m a mom and I have two children 12 and 13. The past year and this year into school for my 12 year old has been a very easy transition and no issues. My 12 year old is Intellectually Developmentally Delayed and in the life skills classes at school and does join her regular class throughout the day.

My 13 year old was diagnosed earlier this year with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Anxiety, and Depression. School has not been easy for her and in 7th grade bullying was just a nightmare at school. Kids in middle school are relentless and it’s a hard time during this phase of life as kids go through puberty, trying to fit in, and figure themselves out.

I communicated with the school she attends and was very involved in letting them know that the bullying needs to stop and that the school needs to step in and help my child. My daughter ended up being hospitalized for a week for self harm because she couldn’t handle the bullying and peer pressure.

The school did get involved and had most of the bullying stop there were still a few instances that happened. I was thrilled when it summer break finally.

I do have outpatient services for my daughter she regularly sees a therapist and a psychiatrist for mental health. She also did an Autism therapy summer program as well which helped her with social skills and self esteem. She was so happy when she attended and it was such a positive outlet for her. She will also be attending an Autism after school program through the same people throughout the school year which will also help immensely.

This school year within the first week the bullying picked up again from the same bully from last year. By the second of week of school I went online and found Safe Kids/Safe Schools and contacted them about getting help and resources. I got a call from them the next day and they were very helpful. I wrote a formal letter to the Principal of the school including to her guidance counselor and learning support teacher. They are now investigating and have the Assistant Principal involved and have a safe plan for my daughter so the bullying doesn’t occur anymore and they have a case against said bully at the school.

I feel frustrated as a Parent because it was only the first week of school, technically the first four days of school because they had off the past Friday and Monday for Labor Day. I was also bullied and harassed in middle school it was honestly the worst time of my life and yes it has had a detrimental impact on my life as far as mental health goes. I also felt like I failed my child because well we can’t go to school and protect them or follow them everywhere they go. We can’t just go and tell the kids there to knock off their bullshit either.

Bullying is terrible and if your child is going through it please speak up to the school and advocate for your child. Yes you will have to keep up at it because many schools downplay bullying and it angers me because they receive funding for Anti Bullying programs.

It just makes you wonder gee what are you really using the money for because it can’t be for Anti Bullying or keeping kids safe because you’re not stopping the bullying.

Here is the Link for Safe Kids/Safe Schools if you are going through similar situations or worse. Please call or email and they will respond to you and give you referrals and references on what you can do for your child.

Safe Kids Worldwide

Here you will be able to find your state and whom to contact. I hope that the school year is better for your children.





Back to School


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It’s finally here back to school and I’m sure I have not been the only parent rejoicing in this. My sister now calls it Adult summer vacation, as I live with her and so do my two kids who are 13 and 12 years old.

This summer has definitely been a long one because well both of my kids have special needs and some days are harder than others. I have definitely grown tired of the still asking a million questions a day by my thirteen-year-old and the whining and meltdowns from my twelve-year-old, who has finally hit puberty, and these things are not fun.

The better times with my kids this summer have been definitely going to movies outdoors or whenever we went swimming.

My oldest entered 8th grade this year and I’m thrilled because he gets to say goodbye to middle school. (Middle school has been a nightmare because of bullying and the school not getting their shit together). He went to an Autism summer program through kids peace this summer and it has definitely made a positive impact because he’s happy in the mornings now and just ready to go. Last year he took up all morning to get ready to where he’d only have five minutes left to take the bus. Things are definitely brighter so far this year and it’s only just started.

I wish you, other parents, whether you work or stay at home a happy adult summer vacation. Don’t forget to keep up with germs and flu shots. That time of year is approaching quickly as hurricane season is starting.