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Happy Thanksgiving — November 26, 2020
A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving to Air On PBS — November 19, 2020

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving to Air On PBS

Thanks to PBS for teaming up with Apple+ this year! Fans of the yearly classic “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving” will be able to watch it on their local PBS station on November 22nd at 7:30 pm EST/6:30 pm Central Time.

Fans of Peanuts can also tune into their local PBS station on December 13th at 7:30 pm EST/6:30 pm Central Time for the classic “A Charlie Brown Christmas” as well.

Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer is Back! —
AMC’s Best Christmas airing now —

AMC’s Best Christmas airing now

AMC has started their yearly BEST CHRISTMAS full of Christmas movies and animated specials that we’ve come to love either over the years or from our childhoods.

Today starting at 5 pm EST you can catch Frosty’s Winter Wonderland followed by Rudolph’s Shiny New Year and A Year without a Santa Claus.

You can check AMC’s website and keep up with their daily Best Christmas Schedule here:

Thanksgiving Day Parades —

Thanksgiving Day Parades

This year due to the pandemic things will look very differently with Thanksgiving parades where they will mostly have no spectators and be available only to watch on the TV or your streaming services.

Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade will air at 9 am Thanksgiving Day on NBC and will be hosted by Savanah Gunthrie, Hoda Kotb, and Al Roker. Many of the beloved giant balloons we’ve all grown fond of will be seen and many several different performances and marching bands will also be in the yearly parade.

Philadelphia in partnered with the Local ABC Channel has canceled it’s Thanksgiving Parade due to the pandemic. This comes as a statement from November 11th as the city officials and health department have put a cap on what outside and inside activities are allowed as the case numbers continue to spike.

Instead the Local Philadelphia ABC channel will host a Dunkin’ Thanksgiving Day Celebration and will include Rick Williams, Cecily Tynan, Adam Joseph, Alicia Vitarelli and Karen Rogers. You can also have an opportunity to win some prizes while watching this year. Check out: For more information.

You can check out your own Local News Stations for Thanksgiving Parades and celebrations in your area.

His Dark Materials — November 13, 2020

His Dark Materials

Season two of His Dark Materials premiers this coming Monday November 16th on HBO and I can’t be more excited!

I can’t wait to see what happens as last we left off Lyra where she finally found Lord Asriel, her father, and his experiment with Dust and now a portal is open to another world.

To get the portal to completely open sadly Lord Asriel takes Lyra’s friend Roger and separates him from his daemon which ends up killing Roger. The last scene of Episode 8, where we are left in cliffhanger, is Lyra entering the portal which after she enters it closes and then we see Will Parry, son of Harry Parry (who was an explorer from Lyra’s world) who disappeared years ago, enter a portal which he discovered during Season one of His Dark Materials. Will Lyra and Will meet each other after both entering into a new world? So many unanswered questions!

You can catch up on all 8 episodes now on HBO platforms including HBO Max before Monday. Season two starts off with the episode titled “The City of Magpies” at 9 pm EST on HBO.

Streaming this November 2020 — October 31, 2020

Streaming this November 2020

It’s that time a New month is beginning and we’re ready to find out what’s streaming on our favorite platforms especially as the weather gets colder in some areas and we’re looking to get cozy at home.

Here is what is New to streaming on Netflix this November!

Yes we already know that new Christmas movies and specials will also be premiering this month as…………..

Netflix already has a slew of Christmas cartoons and movies ready to go Tomorrow.

For 90’s teens who were fans of Dawson’s Creek tomorrow you can binge watch Seasons 1 through 6 on Netflix.

If you missed American Horror Story’s 1984 on FX you’ll be able to watch the entire season on November 13th.

For pop music fans of Shawn Mendez his documentary called In Wonder will be available to watch November 15th.

Here is where you can catch everything streaming for the month of November on Amazon Prime:

I haven’t been really binge watching for the past few months with the virus going on and also all of the campaign ads it’s honestly has made tv and such a drag. I am personally excited for all the new Holiday content coming out this month to just get out of that funk.

If you’re already subscribed to Disney Plus and are a Star Wars fan then you’re already either starting or have finished watching Season 2 of the Mandalorian which yes The Child is in Season 2. I must say and give kudos to Jon Favreau because I’ve seen his acting in his early movies and he’s quite funny. He’s also completely transformed through his acting career into this great writer and everything. The Mandalorian season 1 was quite wonderful and I enjoyed watching the whole season with my teens.

Here’s something else new as well LEGO Star Wars will have a Holiday special available on Disney Plus on November 17th. The video games for LEGO Star Wars are actually fun and entertaining especially if you like LEGOs but were never quite that great at building things. So gather your young Jedis and Siths and check it out.

Hey #Oncers You will be able to stream Once Upon A Time In Wonderland November 27th. I genuinely loved the show and was sad when it was canceled. I wish they could’ve at least done one more season but they did do a good job tying up what they did in sadly the last episode. Overall it was enjoyable.

Here’s where you can check out the new streams to Disney Plus:

Happy Streaming!

Day 31 Happy Halloween —
Day 30 Favorite Twilight Zone Episode — October 30, 2020

Day 30 Favorite Twilight Zone Episode

I love the original twilight zone and no I haven’t seen the newer ones from Jordan Peele yet because I just haven’t felt like binge watching new tv with the pandemic because of all the political ads.

My personal favorite episode is The Midnight Sun because it could very well happen especially with how Global Warming is going. The endings twist definitely throws you for a loop as well.

Day 29 Favorite Nick Toon Halloween Episode —

Day 29 Favorite Nick Toon Halloween Episode

Nick Toons in the 90’s were great! Especially the holiday specials I always looked forward to the different holiday specials that aired.

My favorite Nick Toon Halloween Episode is from Rugrats. The episode is their very first Halloween episode titled The Candy Bar Creepshow. Tommy, Chuckie, Phil, and Lil are all after the Reptar Bar that makes your tongue turn green. This episode is available to watch on Hulu I really recommend watching it if you loved Nick Toons.

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