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Last Christmas (2019 film) — March 24, 2020

Last Christmas (2019 film)

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I just got done watching Last Christmas on FandangoNow and what a heartfelt touching movie this was. The whole cast was fantastic.

I truly loved Emilia Clarke and Henry Golding together. This film starts out with The character Kate as a girl singing in a church choir in Yugoslavia then jumps to present time in London where she is as an adult. Kate’s life is a bit of a mess and as the movie goes on she bumps into Tom a mysterious man who doesn’t have a phone and keeps it put away in the cupboard. Tom takes Kate through town saying Look Up to where Kate sees small things she’s never noticed before.

It’s truly a touching film and Michelle Yeoh adds to the laughter and heart warming moments throughout. I don’t want to really give much of the film away because you really have to watch it yourself. I will say though it’s filled with George Michael’s music throughout his music career.

Please checkout Last Christmas which is available to rent or buy on all digital platforms.

Ragnarok (Netflix Original series) — March 23, 2020

Ragnarok (Netflix Original series)

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Today I checked out Ragnarok which is an original Netflix series. It’s about a family whom moved to the small Norwegian town of Edda and the Eldest son, Magne, soon figures out he has powers that of Thor the god of Thunder.

If you’re into Norse mythology and Gods this is a perfect watch. It is set in the present time and very modern. It also showcases environmental issues such as pollution in the water from a big company which is present throughout the world.

It starts out a bit slow but you won’t be disappointed as each episode keeps you going fir more. There are a total of six episodes each an hour long. It was released January 31, 2020.

Yes there will be a season 2 of Ragnarok and to read more about season 2 head to here:

Happy viewing all!

X-Men Dark Phoenix — March 22, 2020

X-Men Dark Phoenix


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Finally have watched X-Men Dark Phoenix and I enjoyed watching the film. It has plenty of action and has a simple and good story line. The movie brings back the cast of X-Men Apocalypse.

No I have not read any of the actual X-Men comics and no have I as an adult because trying to actually do so would drive me nuts to figure out everyone’s origin story line.

I will however add that I wasn’t really happy about Mystique being killed because she’s a part of X-Men as an adult so yeah that sucked and also that Jean dies as well because She’s an adult in the X-Men movies prior to this.

Other than the suck bits it wasn’t too bad of a movie.

X-Men Dark Phoenix is now available to watch on HBO Go as it premiered on HBO this past Saturday night.

Break out the holiday cartoons! —

Break out the holiday cartoons!

Yes I’m at home with my mom and my two kids and yes I’m doing everything possible to keep them sane whilst keeping myself sane.

Social inclusion isn’t easy for really long extended periods of time and honestly for me it’s because my kids schedules got ripped out. So while you’re streaming movies and such break out the Christmas and holiday cartoons. YouTube has a huge library and free full of hours of Christmas cartoons and while I’m writing this I’ve put on A Garfield Christmas Special. It’s one of my favorites as well as my kids.

Dig into your childhood and watch those classics. It’ll give you a smile and a good mental break. It’s helping my mood right now too.

Happy watching all!

Brightburn — March 17, 2020



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I checked out the movie Brightburn finally as it was on STARZ and I enjoyed watching it as it’s pretty much the opposite of superman.

A spaceship crash lands in the woods and these parents go and see what the noise and light is and discover……ta da a baby in a spaceship. Instead of the child being nice and polite like Clark Kent, the child becomes malevolent and causes destruction once puberty hits and the spaceship chants out some weird words in whatever language.

I thought Elizabeth Banks and David Denman did a great job as the parents and honestly Elizabeth highlights what most parents would do for their child when disaster hits and things take a rough patch.

Overall the movie was entertaining but also a movie to watch probably once.

Check out STARZ which is available on all platforms of devices including Amazon, Itunes, and Google play.

Escape Room — March 14, 2020

Escape Room


(Photo Credit: Yes/No Detroit)

Escape Room right now is actually on STARZ to watch and last night I finally partook and watched the movie.

I definitely was happy to see Deborah Ann Woll in the film because I still love her acting in the HBO Show True Blood as Jessica. The rest of the cast I didn’t really know but non the less they were all really good in their roles during the movie.

Escape Room is pretty much what it is participants enter an Escape Room except these ones are deadly and well people die but these rooms were done by a mysterious person named Wootan Yu. Which is at the end of the film an anagram for No Way Out and we then see this mysterious person and their cooperation ready to take down the flight that the characters Zoey and Ben take to go after Wootan Yu and we get left just with that.

Director Adam Robitel will be back to make Escape Room 2 and honestly I hope we find out who this Wootan Yu really is and maybe how to stop him or maybe this whole Escape Room game will be like SAW and The Purge and never stop.  Which I could see happening but the first one was really enjoyable for me and I just want to see the head of this sick game and yes I want justice served to him. At least the movie wasn’t as annoying as the CUBE movies were. Those just kept you on a string to sleep town.

Escape Room 2 has a date of release on December 30th, 2020.

For more information on Escape Room 2 you can check out IMDb. Escape Room 2

If you enjoyed SAW and The Purge you’ll enjoy the game and puzzles through Escape Room.


A Quiet Place —

A Quiet Place


(Photo Credit: American Library Association)

I’m about two years of not joining the band wagon on this film because for years I though oh it’s just another apocalypse or zombie type movie.

Well I was wrong about one of those topics that no it’s not a zombie movie. It is an Apocalypse movie and I highly did enjoy this movie.

It’s very real and it makes you believe that what is going on the film could happen in life. So many jump out of your seat moments and the pace keep right on going it really does not skip a beat. There is rarely much time to catch your breath it is full of suspense and you’re rooting for this family to survive and make it. 

I was so sad when John’s character had to die but he did it so the kids could survive and make it back to their mother, played by Emily Blunt. Emily and John are really brilliant in the film with their acting. I am excited to see A Quiet Place II and it’ll probably after it’s on DVD or Netflix because of the quarantine stuff going on which I’m not going to get into that. Just know that if you have not in these years watched A Quiet Place you’re really missing out and it’s just really enjoyable and the cast were just brilliant. 


Fantasy Island small spoilers — February 16, 2020

Fantasy Island small spoilers


(Photo credit: IMDb)

The first thing I’m going to say about this movie is FREAKING MARRY POPPINS! For those who’ve already seen the movie will understand that statement unless you have not seen Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2. I loved seeing Micheal Rooker in the film. I thought he did awesome and loved his character.

Overall the movie was pretty good and yes it stayed very PG-13 throughout the film. I did get a bit annoyed near the end and as you get towards the end you may or may not understand why.  It’s a main plot that is used everywhere and almost for everything as a motivator or motive. There were some shock values through the film and some funny moments as well. Kim Coates has a bit of a role in this film as well and yes I went dorky seeing him because I loved Sons of Anarchy.

I will say this and that is it would be fun and interesting if BLUMHOUSE turns this into a thriller/sci-fi series on SCI-FI or even partners with Shudder for one.   I know it wouldn’t be an extremely long lived thing because you can only go so far with a plot and keep it running. Not to be rude to zombie fans but look how long The Walking Dead has been going on? It’s about zombies and staying alive during a zombie apocalypse? I’d rather just watch my 90 or more minutes of zombie movies.

Enjoy watching Fantasy Island if you go out for it at the movies.



Midsommar — February 13, 2020



(Photo credit: IDmb)

MIDSOMMAR – Well i’m just going to dive in here and get straight to it!

This movie is ten times more fucked up than The Wicker Man and the music throughout the movie is freaking annoying especially the villagers singing.

In the beginning of the movie we are introduced to a character of the name of Dani. (After the beginning credits and the forest scenery with snow everywhere)

Dani is on her PC and calling someone which we then see is a guy named Christian.

While she’s reaching Christian, we see that he is in a pub/bar with a group of friends and all of them are bashing on him because Christian doesn’t want to be Dani anymore and apparently he’s wanted out of this relationship for a year now. Dani is apparently frantic because of an email she read from her sister which we learn in the conversation with Christian that her sister has bipolar disorder.

During the back and forth phone calls we then discover that Dani’s sister has killed both her mom and dad and herself by inhaling carbon monoxide from the cars in the garage. (I’m not going to go too much into detail with this you’ll have to watch the movie)

When Dani learns of this tragedy she’s completely upset and crying into Christian on her chair. The next day we see her laying in bed and she gets up and sees Christian in the other room as he’s ready to head out.

Later we see Christian with his group of friends at their house talking about the trip to Sweden and Christian announces to the group of friends that he’s invited Dani to go with but that he thinks that she won’t actually go. Dani enters the room and it’s an awkward conversation about her going to Sweden. One of the friend’s in the group his name is Pelle and he was the main head person who orchestrated a trip to Sweden because that’s where his family is. (that’s what he says at this time)

Fast forward to Sweden!

When the group arrives where Pelle is taking them we see a commune of people in white fabric clothing with designs on them and learn that they are called Hårgans.

It just gets stranger along the way because they are shown different houses and ultimately where they will sleep during their stay. There are paintings of different scenarios and runes along the way. Yes you pretty much figure out by this point of the movie that people are going to die and be sacrificed.

We are explained in the bed house how ages are divided. Pelle lays out the life cycle of Hårgans for his friends shortly after they arrive in the commune. The life of each member of the community is divided into four seasons, each lasting 18 years. Childhood (spring) lasts from ages 0 to 18, and from ages 18 to 36 (summer) young people leave on a pilgrimage, spending those years living in other places around the world. They return to the commune and work from ages 36 to 54 (fall), and from ages 54 to 72 (winter) they lead the community as elders.

The next morning when they go to breakfast (as Pelle explains the night before that the next day was a big day). We see two elderly people a man and a woman make their way from the big yellow triangle house. They come to the table and do some breathing stuff and sit down and everyone else follows suite. When the couple get up and leave the table they are then placed on these beds and are carried ontop of a mountain. The rest of the villagers and the non villagers all gather at the bottom of the mountain. The scene then goes back and forth from Dani, Christian, Pelle, etc. and the Elderly woman and man.

The couple end up one at time jump from the edge of the mountain cliff and ultimately die. The death is actually quick, except the elderly man because after his fall only his leg was broken and he was alive screaming. Plenty of blood and bones for all to watch during this scene. The deaths ultimately set the tone for the movie and one by one we see each person of the group disappear and end up being murdered. (Which we do not see how they are murdered by the villagers we only see the aftermath of their deaths).

The biggest death of all is after Dani is taken. on the last day of the festival, with the other women of the villagers. The woman has a white dress for her to wear and a crown of flowers to adorn on her head. Dani is to partake of the dancing celebration where the winner is crowned May Day queen. Dani ends up winning and becoming the May Day queen and is then told to go in the carriage throughout the village and bless the land and crops for the rest of the year. While Dani is doing this, Christian is then summoned by a female villager named Maya who has chosen Christian to be her mating partner while they’ve been staying at the village. We see Christian go into an open door house and there is a group of naked women villagers and Maya laying in bed of flowers and big leaves waiting naked for Christian. Ultimately Christian mates with Maya.

After Dani returns in the carriage from blessing the land she tries at first to go the hut but another woman tells Dani, “No that is not for us”. Ultimately Dani doesn’t listen and goes to the door peering through the keyhole seeing what Christian is doing. Dani then has her big crying meltdown and the other women villagers take her into the bed house and they all mimic her crying and meltdown.

Christian leaves the house after the mating is over and he freaks out trying to find a place to hide and ends up hiding in the chicken coop. We then see while he is hiding what happened to the rest of the group and how they were killed. A village man stops Christian by blowing some dust/sand residual into his eyes and we see him fall down to the ground. Christian is then woken up and told he cannot speak or move and he is in a wooden wheel chair. We see Dani as the May Day queen sitting in a thrown and one of the male leader villagers announces the final event of MIDSOMMAR is the human and volunteer sacrifice which is chosen and carried out through the May Day queen.

The sacrifices are picked as another elder village man rolls balls of ruins with a huge bingo cage. Two regular male villagers are chosen to volunteer to sacrifice themselves and then Christian is chosen as well and the elder village then turns to Dani and waits for the word to start the sacrifices. We then see on a table an elder man with two young boys taking out the intestines of a bear that was killed and end up with Chrisitan wearing the dead bear and placed in the yellow triangle house. The main elder leader awaits a gesture from Dani to begin and she nods and then several villagers begin to set the hay on fire inside the building. While they are doing this we see others from the group and other outsiders that were killed. The fire spreads and when the two male volunteers are on fire they scream loudly and outside the villagers are screaming, dancing, and mocking the horrific sounds of them being burnt alive. Christian still cannot move or speak so we just see him sitting there burning alive as he is charred by the fire. We are then focused back to Dani who is covered to her neck in a full dressing of flowers and she starts to at first melt down and panic but then stands up breathing and then she smiles and then the end credits start.

If you can get past the annoying villagers music and singing definitely check this movie out!



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