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I am sure that you’ve heard by now about the TV series coming to TNT which will premier on May 31st?

If not i’d suggest that you check out the movie Snowpiercer which stars actor Chris Evans. Which honestly at the time I actually watched the movie on Netflix I had no idea who Chris Evans was and that it was even him. I was thrilled that John Hurt was in this movie too especially his role in the movie 1984.

In the movie Snowpiercer, we see a train that continually rides around the earth but we don’t know why yet. We are taken through different parts of the train which shows different classes of people from Rich to Poor. (gee where have we seen this before?) The poor people are all the way the back in the train where they work all day and for food they are given this almost jello like disgusting brick of food once per day.

The movie eventually picks up when the poor are tired of being treated like last class citizens because they are cold, sick, and miserable. They also find out that their jello like disgusting brick is made out of bugs. (yeah i’d be upset too it’s really gross when you watch it).  We see our main Character Curtis (Chris Evans) battle his way through the entirety of the train in each department to where the creator of the train this Mr. Wilford (played by Ed Harris). I’m not going to put anymore detail about the movie and after reading this you’ll figure out what it’s about.

TNT has created Snowpiercer which will star Jennifer Connelly and from what i’ve read on different reviews and such they are making this much more like the graphic novels. I’m really excited when the show will start later this year and see how the story fully develops.

Here’s TNT’s link to their Snowpiercer where you can watch the trailer and a few snips.

TNT Snowpiercer

Happy Watching!

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