Fantasy Island small spoilers


(Photo credit: IMDb)

The first thing I’m going to say about this movie is FREAKING MARRY POPPINS! For those who’ve already seen the movie will understand that statement unless you have not seen Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2. I loved seeing Micheal Rooker in the film. I thought he did awesome and loved his character.

Overall the movie was pretty good and yes it stayed very PG-13 throughout the film. I did get a bit annoyed near the end and as you get towards the end you may or may not understand why.  It’s a main plot that is used everywhere and almost for everything as a motivator or motive. There were some shock values through the film and some funny moments as well. Kim Coates has a bit of a role in this film as well and yes I went dorky seeing him because I loved Sons of Anarchy.

I will say this and that is it would be fun and interesting if BLUMHOUSE turns this into a thriller/sci-fi series on SCI-FI or even partners with Shudder for one.   I know it wouldn’t be an extremely long lived thing because you can only go so far with a plot and keep it running. Not to be rude to zombie fans but look how long The Walking Dead has been going on? It’s about zombies and staying alive during a zombie apocalypse? I’d rather just watch my 90 or more minutes of zombie movies.

Enjoy watching Fantasy Island if you go out for it at the movies.



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