A Quiet Place


(Photo Credit: American Library Association)

I’m about two years of not joining the band wagon on this film because for years I though oh it’s just another apocalypse or zombie type movie.

Well I was wrong about one of those topics that no it’s not a zombie movie. It is an Apocalypse movie and I highly did enjoy this movie.

It’s very real and it makes you believe that what is going on the film could happen in life. So many jump out of your seat moments and the pace keep right on going it really does not skip a beat. There is rarely much time to catch your breath it is full of suspense and you’re rooting for this family to survive and make it. 

I was so sad when John’s character had to die but he did it so the kids could survive and make it back to their mother, played by Emily Blunt. Emily and John are really brilliant in the film with their acting. I am excited to see A Quiet Place II and it’ll probably after it’s on DVD or Netflix because of the quarantine stuff going on which I’m not going to get into that. Just know that if you have not in these years watched A Quiet Place you’re really missing out and it’s just really enjoyable and the cast were just brilliant. 


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