Escape Room


(Photo Credit: Yes/No Detroit)

Escape Room right now is actually on STARZ to watch and last night I finally partook and watched the movie.

I definitely was happy to see Deborah Ann Woll in the film because I still love her acting in the HBO Show True Blood as Jessica. The rest of the cast I didn’t really know but non the less they were all really good in their roles during the movie.

Escape Room is pretty much what it is participants enter an Escape Room except these ones are deadly and well people die but these rooms were done by a mysterious person named Wootan Yu. Which is at the end of the film an anagram for No Way Out and we then see this mysterious person and their cooperation ready to take down the flight that the characters Zoey and Ben take to go after Wootan Yu and we get left just with that.

Director Adam Robitel will be back to make Escape Room 2 and honestly I hope we find out who this Wootan Yu really is and maybe how to stop him or maybe this whole Escape Room game will be like SAW and The Purge and never stop.  Which I could see happening but the first one was really enjoyable for me and I just want to see the head of this sick game and yes I want justice served to him. At least the movie wasn’t as annoying as the CUBE movies were. Those just kept you on a string to sleep town.

Escape Room 2 has a date of release on December 30th, 2020.

For more information on Escape Room 2 you can check out IMDb. Escape Room 2

If you enjoyed SAW and The Purge you’ll enjoy the game and puzzles through Escape Room.


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