The Invisible Man (2020)


Photo credit: IMBd

This movie takes a whole notch up from the original Invisible Man and also Hollow Man, which starred Kevin Bacon and Elizabeth Shue.

Elisabeth Moss was perfect for this movie, especially since her other character, Offred, from The  Handmaid’s Tale deals with a lot of domestic violence which is the base of this movie.

You have the main characters in the movie Cecilia and her husband Adrian. Cecilia is trying to escape and flee from Adrian because of how controlling and abusive he is. Adrian throughout the years has been working on this brand new technology where he can be completely invisible to everyone.

After Cecilia finally escapes and is safe, for now, she hears from her sister that her husband has died from suicide. After we see her finally feeling safe in comes invisible Adrian messing up her life and physically abusing her again.

I won’t get into too much detail but for Domestic Violence survivors who watch this movie you will love the ending and will be rooting for Cecilia the entire movie.

Check it out if you like but warning from a former Domestic Violence survivor, this movie will Trigger you. This movie completely triggered me to where I was just angry for a few days after because I wish I could do what Cecilia does in the end it’s very beautiful.

The Invisible Man is now available for rental on all digital platforms and since it’s brand new it’s 19.99 for 48 hours.

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