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Photo Credit: 21 Threads

Pretty much I won’t be posting as much because well movies are pretty much shut down and yes it’ll be slow plus i’m home schooling or distance learning both of my two teens 7th and 8th grade.

No it hasn’t been easy at all and since they’re at home they get upset that they have to do school work at home and that it’s not in school with their teachers or friends.

Yes everything has been at home and if you’re bored of food there are apps on iTunes and Google play for new recipes of food. I’ve been currently using the app named Yummy or Yumm but anyways they have plenty of different recipes for all types of food and mostly I’ve been making  mostly chicken for dinner.  I did find a really awesome vegetarian nacho recipe in which the end result is putting it all on a pan and heating it up in the oven. It’s really delicious and has protein and fiber! (As someone who has thyroid issues and takes an anti depressant fiber is really really important daily) I’m also thrilled that there is take out and delivery available that helps especially when you want to feel a little normal away from quarantined life.

I truly miss how things used to be and I miss going to munches and definitely playing but right now that’s not possible. I know one day it will be normal but for now it isn’t. A friend told me that we’re grateful for the ability to connect virtually and I really thought about that. It’s very true so we’re not alone digitally even though some of us might live alone which i’m sure that’s very hard. I wish all of you who do live alone so much love and hope. Please reach out and connect with your friends and family or whomever is a support in your life it can help.


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