The King Eternal Monarch (Netflix/South Korean TV Original)


Photo Credit: Google

The King Eternal Monarch is a really interesting show and yes there are subtitles as you watch.

The show is about two different parallel universes of South Korea where one is a Kingdom of Corea and one is called The Republic of Korea. The Republic of Korea is much more modern and up to date where they have fast food because apparently in the kingdom there isn’t such a thing.

The current King of Corea, Lee Gon,  is the son of former King, The Emperor, who ends up being murdered by his illegitimate brother, Lee Rim. When The Emperor is murdered we see Lee Rim taking out this magic flute called the Manpasikjeok which is how Lee Rim and Lee Gon are able to travel between the two worlds.

The cast is wonderful and I’m really loving the story line of the show. The best part is the season finale isn’t until June 2020 because this a fresh TV show which Netflix has been really awesome to premier.

That’s all i’m going to say about the show but if you’re a fan of Fantasy and Romance please check out this show!



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