Just a Mom surviving the quarantine life


photo credit design bundles (just google design bundles and you’ll see their nifty shirts)

It feels like it’s been 3 months not 2 months of this quarantine stay at home order. Social distancing has been really hard and slowly but surely Zoom has been helpful in seeing some friends especially in the kink world.

Both of my teens have no school the rest of the year and it’s weighing heavy on them as they’re bored and miss their friends as well. Distance learning is honestly the pits because well my kids don’t want to do their work because they’re at home and not at school in the classroom. I’m glad i’m not the only parent going through this and that I’m definitely not alone.  They just announced today that some of the pools near where I live will not be opening this summer because of the virus. Most of summer is being cancelled as well.

I’m hoping that drive ins will be open this summer but the sad part is you have to stay in your car and that’s hard for my 12 almost 13 year old because she has ADHD. If you have kids with ADHD you know the hyperactivity and other types of behaviors that come with the term. Sitting still most of the time isn’t an easy task. Most drive ins have playgrounds or other areas for your children to move around before the movie starts so they’ll sit still in the car. We’ll just have to see how that goes.

I’m at the point where dinner and food altogether really just suck it’s so monotonous and it’s like “Do we really have to eat again”? There’s no going out or going to restaurants but yes i’m happy that there is takeout and delivery but sometimes it’s not the same.  Yes i’ve ordered and picked up food and even getting in the car for that short drive feels nice to get out of the house.

I’m bored of walking where I live it’s pretty much you can only stand to go around the block or the cemetery so many times before you crack. I exercise a few times a week and mostly via YouTube. YouTube has some really awesome beginner exercising videos where they do both a regular version and a modified version if you have arthritis or other body issues. Working out and such just isn’t my thing altogether. No i’m not lazy I clean and etc. every single day. The other day got all my kids laundry done for the week that is success in and of itself.

Here’s to all you parents just trying to survive the stay at home quarantine!


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