Staying connected virtually

I’m writing this because I watched a live Instagram of one of the many things I follow.

Now yes my WordPress name as well as fetlife name is KinkyGeekyT and yes I’m kinky! My kink/bdsm life is pretty much non existent except virtually and on social media platforms. I’m a single/asexual/little/bottom and I choose for personal reasons to stay single and also yeah my number one role on this planet is called Mom but i’m more than that and i’m slowly regaining my personal power and energy in re discovering that.

It’s been harder with covid-19 to do so because i’m finally re finding my way into the special needs parents community again which has been really wonderful and i’ve met some very nice parents. It’s just nice to not feel alone with the different struggles and successes we each go through.

I also feel that way with kink and it’s so nice that some of the groups I’ve been following are emerging more and making more of a presence across social media platforms because it’s nice to know i’m not alone there are others that might be going through the same journey or like the same kinks that I might like.

Besides Fetlife you can find other kink/bdsm groups on Facebook and Instagram. Twitter is a small portion because while it’s semi active it’s become more of a political platform especially with you know who on there. (lol you know who, Lord Voldemort seems less of a scare hahaha)

If you’re feeling lonely and disconnected from whichever lifestyle you engage in there are others out there giving knowledge and connecting in the different communities out there in social media. Please check it out and get back a little bit of normal.


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