Words do haunt

The old phrase sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me is not true at all.

Words do hurt and indeed haunt whether consciously or unconsciously. I’m indeed haunted by words and phrases from my past all the way from middle school. They still impact my life today even though I continue to work on those words to not hurt me anymore.

I really dislike and do not enjoy the random thoughts and memories that pop up in my mind. I’ve been called jelly donut, free willy, and other things that comes with being fat in this world. I was also harassed verbally by a few teachers and when you’re 13 whose going to believe you the administration just brushes those things off.

I’m sure if you’re reading this you might be thinking but you can change the “fat”. Well Deary I’ve been working on not being “fat” since I was 13. I actually did get to where I wasn’t considered “Obese” anymore in my early 20’s then my second pregnancy happened. I have hypothyroidism and that’s a crazy battle when you’re trying to be healthy. There’s no cure for it and it can take months for me to even lose five pounds. The doctors where I live aren’t very helpful and yes I take hypothyroidism medicine daily. Doctors only do the bare minimum so it’s hard to really find help and everyone’s be all end all solution is weight loss surgery. No thank you.

I have really bad anxiety especially now where I live at present hoping to god I don’t run into my past tormentors because many do not grow up and are still very juvenile. Yes I see a therapist and work on myself and my mental health issues.

Please be kind to others if you don’t like someone’s appearance keep it to yourself don’t degrade or torment them. Words do haunt and cause mental anguish and trauma.

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