Black Lives Matter is real

Black Lives Matter is real and more than just a movement. Black Lives Matter is a real organization which is based in the US, UK, and Canada and started shortly after Trayvon Martin’s Murder in 2013.

It’s to end White Supremacy everywhere and it does exist and you can see it and find it in every country in the world. It is more predominant here in the United States than anywhere else in the world. It is more than just about slavery and more than just about the police murders on innocent blacks in the world. It is about decades of injustice through the judicial system, executive system, and legislative system. All of these three systems in the US are broken and there is so much abuse of power.

I myself am white and am learning so much more about Black Lives Matter and how to help in my own community and help take a stand. I myself didn’t fully understand this I only understood what I was taught throughout school about racism and injustice that was been done previously throughout history.

If you are white please take a moment do some research how you can get involved and learn what Black Lives Matter is really all about. It’s so much more than you’ve been taught and more than what you’ve seen.


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