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As I write the photo credit I’m definitely giggling to myself that there is a website called Get Frenzy! I’m going to write about frenzy but this frenzy is all about Submissive Frenzy.

Whether you’re a single submissive or with a partner right now it’s really good to try and be intact with your feelings and emotions right now because many of us cannot be together how we used to be which means most of us aren’t getting our kinky release that we used to have whether it was most of the time or once in awhile.

I haven’t played or had any release since Halloween of last year which I usually don’t play often because I’m single and my priorities don’t have much allotted time and also when I do get that time to play I play with friends that I really trust and have known for a good amount of time. Most times when I’m out I just enjoy the socialization and being able to just be myself with others who do the same.

If you don’t know what submissive frenzy is check out this article about Sub Frenzy and how that looks like:

Also for myself I do not believe that sub frenzy is just new submissive folks because sometimes you might not get to play for a long time whether that is days, weeks, months, or even a year. Things happen in life where priorities change and that means so does everything else.

I say that because I have had sub frenzy moments where I was not cautious and I met people in an unsafe manner nor did I have access to a kinky community that I have around here and online as well. Yes you can get hurt in those moments where you let your guard down and do things in an unsafe manner.

So please check in with yourself physically and mentally! I have had small bouts of sub frenzy pop up because yes I really miss impact play and I really miss people I haven’t seen in a long time. Sometimes I get it when i’m browsing fetlife and seeing everyone’s kinky photos and I tell myself that my life is different than their life is and list just the true facts. Yes I miss connection and interaction in those nice kinky ways and I know they’ll come again down the road it may be for a long time but it is okay.

Again check in with yourself mentally and physically and things will be okay. Stay safe ❤