When you start writing a blog of any kind you want to contribute in the things you have participated in or things you’ve seen. Then there tends to be this whole weight of what to write, what to share, and how to share it.

After seeing how many kinksters and educators have shared so much with the communities online it weights on my mind and the thoughts of “This has been shared and talked about so much”. First it’s beautiful how much is shared online and virtually. It’s great learning so many things whether it’s a new topic or something someone has experienced or something someone has done for a long period of time.

I have so much information from my own experiences and my flaw is trying to expedite them and get them into actual word format.

It is my own anxiety about it because in my mind the thoughts of “this has been done a million times” and “I don’t want pity for what I’ve been through”. That’s where I mostly stop and end up not putting anything out there. I know that I’m the one that has to fix those thought sand feelings and just do it! Put it out there because well I want to and hopefully it’ll go well. If it doesn’t then well I still put myself out there.

Fingers crossed for me as I put it out there!