Long week

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Pretty much it’s been a busy week and I’ve been focusing more on being present at home. Spending more quality time with my kids, yes I already do that but I’ve been in a funk for awhile.

My neighbors next door lost their little kitten who is so sweet and cute so I took action to help them and put flyers around my neighborhood and used social media to put Lost Cat posts. I got very lucky because the evening that I put the flyers up the kitten was returned to my neighbors and plus my own cat was happy to see the little kitty because they were friends. I have happy neighbors and a very happy cat now. Life couldn’t be sweeter with all the things going on in the world now.

I’ve also been taking a bit more care of myself mentally and physically as well. I’ve been walking a bit more this week and taking Epsom salt baths as well, which after a friend of mine told me that it helps clean your energy it’s really helped especially my joins and arthritis.

My teenager now really loves the movie Halloween, which I took the time this week to watch some old Joe Bob Briggs The Last Drive In episodes on Shudder, and now thinks Michael Meyers is awesome. It’s a fun movie to watch especially since we are now closer to the Ber months!!! I’m so excited to decorate for Halloween this year. Covid-19 isn’t taking away my Halloween and I don’t care if my activities are mostly at home.

Hope everyone is doing well and keeping safe.

Have a wonderful weekend! T.

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