School is here…..sort of

Here we are again back to school well almost just most of us are doing school at home virtually, unless you’re already ahead of the game and have been doing homeschool with your children.

Honestly right now it’s semi scary because where I live cases keep rising not as dramatically as other parts of the states but already two different schools have had three to one cases of COVID 19. The schools aren’t closing they’re just going to sanitize everything and say okay it’s safe to come in the building. That really frustrates me because CDC and the State Health Department have been stating about contact tracing which both schools should do to see who’ve these people have been around and if they might end up with COVID 19.

I have my oldest in school because it’s his first time in 9th grade. He wears the mask and the school so far has been strict with social distancing everywhere throughout the high school. Every day when my child comes home I have him change his day clothes put them in his dirty hamper, wash hands, etc. I’m being really diligent and responsible when he comes home from school.

To me 9th grade is a huge deal because it’s a new school and also it’s crucial for social skills and it’s the better shift and change from middle school. My child has Autism Spectrum Disorder and mental health diagnoses and I’ve been in contact with the emotional supports teacher and his other teachers to make sure that the IEP is being followed and that my child is receiving the supports needed to succeed throughout the day in his classes. I can’t tell you enough whether your child is in school or you are doing virtual school to continue to advocate for your child with whatever services your child needs to succeed. Whether it’s an IEP or a 504 which both are completely different which I’ll get into that on a different post.

He made it through the first week of school with only one hiccup which was great and everyone is being very supportive. Now it’s just continuing to make sure that homework and assignments get done on time and checking on things.

My youngest child whom is 13 is doing school virtually and from her life skills teacher I made the right choice because my child apparently still has a hard time sitting still and likes to move around a lot. Not that she’s not responsible but I know how easy it is for her to slip and want to hug her friends and teachers and it’s not time to hug people again or be our regular everyday normal selves except at home with family.

However you have decided for your children to learn whether homeschool, in school traditional learning, or have them virtually learning due to COVID 19 I wish you all good luck to this school year.


  1. We’ve been told all of our lives that public school is the normal. From our infancy, that’s all we saw, which makes familiarity the norm. But throughout history, people have always found new and unique ways, what’s true for them. The states offered schools so anyone can have access. But it cannot be a mandate. Parents are the ultimate guardians for their children. Whether public, private, charter, trade, at home, with tutors, online, or with the parents say at their business, the parents are the best. Overall, with freedom and freedom to choose, we can have the best society of free thinkers.


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