Day 13/14 favorite 80’s horror and favorite 90’s horror

For Day 13 it’s favorite 80’s horror film!

The 80’s had everything from Slashers, aliens, robots, and even monsters.

My favorite 80’s horror film is Clive Barker’s Hellraiser. Hellraiser released in 1987 stating Douglas Bradley as Pinhead the lead cinobite. I really recommend watching this if you’re a horror fan because the storyline is addictive and inquisitive.

Day 14 favorite 90’s horror film

The 90’s had a lot of slasher films with Top billing movies such as Scream and I know what you did last summer.

My favorite 90’s horror movie comes from Tim Burton and was released in 1999.

Sleepy Hollow had such a rich cast and I dearly love the old tale of the headless horseman. I watch this every single year whether it’s on TV or another streaming platform. If you’re a fan of Tim Burton movies this is definitely one to watch.

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