Thanksgiving Day Parades

This year due to the pandemic things will look very differently with Thanksgiving parades where they will mostly have no spectators and be available only to watch on the TV or your streaming services.

Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade will air at 9 am Thanksgiving Day on NBC and will be hosted by Savanah Gunthrie, Hoda Kotb, and Al Roker. Many of the beloved giant balloons we’ve all grown fond of will be seen and many several different performances and marching bands will also be in the yearly parade.

Philadelphia in partnered with the Local ABC Channel has canceled it’s Thanksgiving Parade due to the pandemic. This comes as a statement from November 11th as the city officials and health department have put a cap on what outside and inside activities are allowed as the case numbers continue to spike.

Instead the Local Philadelphia ABC channel will host a Dunkin’ Thanksgiving Day Celebration and will include Rick Williams, Cecily Tynan, Adam Joseph, Alicia Vitarelli and Karen Rogers. You can also have an opportunity to win some prizes while watching this year. Check out: For more information.

You can check out your own Local News Stations for Thanksgiving Parades and celebrations in your area.

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