Life update

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Since the pandemic started in March of last year I haven’t been very active kink wise in the community or going to events or even playing.

I did do a kinky bake sale last year and that was a lot of fun and it was socially distanced and safe.

I miss being at munches and just socializing with other kinksters in the community. Yes I miss playing but I think after all this time I’ll definitely dip my toes in that water slowly.

Mostly I’ve been focused on my kids as they’ve been virtually learning and next week both will be back in person learning which will make life much easier because both have IEP’s and require more than one person at home is able to give them. No I’m definitely not the only parent that struggles with this my heart genuinely goes out to the parents who have children who need more assistance that one parent can give especially if IEP or 504 services etc. are a halt or almost non existent.

I’ve also been putting more time into going to virtual state force task meetings and school board meetings and keeping current with the things going on in education which I must say in the state I live in many are suffering and or don’t have much services and are in need.

I wish everyone well and stay safe ❤

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