Bloody Valentine’s #2

Since it’s Bloody Valentine’s it’s only right to have this classic 80’s horror movie on this list!

My Bloody Valentine, which is a Canadian slasher film, was released in 1981 and is a perfect horror movie to watch in the month of February.

In the fictional town of Valentine Bluffs they stopped celebrating Valentine’s Day because 20 years ago they had a Valentine’s Day dance and one of the miners forgot to check the methane gas levels which created an explosion and trapped the miners. One lone miner survived and went insane and ended up in the Asylum and pretty much after that the town doesn’t celebrate Valentine’s Day because of fear that the nutty miner will come and kill again.

So it’s pretty much a campy Halloween but it’s a miner and it’s Valentine’s Day! It’s a fun movie to watch there are plenty of thrills and cheesy kill scenes throughout the movie. If you haven’t seen it grab some candy and popcorn and enjoy a good horror flick!

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