Valley Girl (2020)

I finally was able to watch this movie the other night on Amazon Prime! If you love any and all things 80’s you definitely need to check this movie out! Heck have a mother/daughter movie night and watch it together.

First about the movie is that Alicia Silverstone was so cute in the movie she’s the Main Character, Julie, as an adult and the narrator of the story. Unlike the original Valley Girl movie from 1983 this one is a complete musical and has a lot of dancing and singing to so many popular 80’s songs. Pretty much our main character, Julie, we meet as an adult picking up her daughter from a club in L.A., which she takes her home and tells her daughter the story of her time in the 80’s how she met Randy and their teenage love story.

I genuinely love the ending of the movie as well because it doesn’t leave us in a fairy tale cliché ending of forever love. It goes on to say that yes their teenage love ended and that they went separate ways and that Julie met her daughter’s dad and fell in love with him and that Randy went on his path. I just truly love that because while yes fairy tales and forever love is a cute tale to tell but it’s not realistic and it has caused so much of society with poison and doesn’t exactly help us in the long run when trying to have relationships and also causes so much insecurity and anxiety.

Valley Girl is a really fun movie to watch with amazing dancing and a killer soundtrack. You can find the soundtrack on all available music platforms. Here’s the soundtrack list and a link to google music to listen to each song. Definitely check this out.

1 We Got The Beat

2 Bad ReputationMae Whitman, Josh Whitehouse, Mario Quinonez Jr.

3 Hey Mickey Call Me

3 Girls Just Want To Have FunChloe Bennet, Jessica Rothe, Ashleigh Murray

5 Kids In America2:20

6 You Might Think2:07

7 A Million Miles Away Deap Vally

8 Makin’ Me Like You Van Nice

9 Crazy For You Mae Whitman, Josh Whitehouse, Mario Quinonez Jr.

10 Aerobics Mash Up – Just Can’t Get Enough/Material Girl/I Can’t Go For That/Tainted Love – MedleyChloe Bennet, Jessica Rothe, Ashleigh Murray

11 Space Age Love SongDeap Vally

12 Obsessed With You Deap Vally

13Take On Me Josh Whitehouse

14 Safety Dance Leon Else

15 Boys Don’t Cry Mae Whitman, Josh Whitehouse

16 Under Pressure

17 Dance Hall Days American Authors

18 Dancing With Myself American Authors

19 Heaven American Authors

20I Melt With You (Duet)Mae Whitman, Josh Whitehouse

21 I Melt With You (Prom Version)American Authors

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