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I’m a book lady! — September 18, 2020

I’m a book lady!

So I’m doing a thing and it’s what is called a Book Lady. I will say it’s a little tough because well I have anxiety and for book parties via Facebook I’m sending messages and asking my friends and family members if they’re interested.

I started this after going to a friend’s Usborne book party at the end of August and I bought several books because well for me I love books. There are some really great books on there especially for young adults and teens. It can be tricky to find it when you’re looking because their website honestly is huge.

I bought myself the Graphic Novel of Dracula and the illustration and art is amazing. I love vampires!

I bought my youngest daughter who is 13 an adult coloring book called Witty Quotes. It’s a cute book and she’s enjoyed coloring in it with her markers.

For my oldest who is 14 years old I bought him this book called The Boy Band of the Apocalypse. It’s part of a small series and pretty much it’s about a kid who tries to save the world from a Boy Band who call themselves Apocalips’ by recruiting his friend and becoming a singer himself. It’s a cute and fun chapter book for older kids.

If you’re checking this out and are interested here’s a fiction catalogue you can look at.

There are so many different books for all ages that’s the other reason why I decided to try being a book lady because I can earn some free books and there are so many of their adult coloring books I want to buy and some more of the Graphic Novels. Plus they’re really affordable you can find so many books for $5.00 and well plus tax of course except in Oregon. Oregon is the only sales tax free state.

If you’re interested or want to check out these books and shop here: /

If you like what you see and would like to join my personal VIP group on Facebook leave a comment!

Family Halloween Movies This October — September 17, 2020

Family Halloween Movies This October

Photo by Pixabay on

It’s that time of year again where we can let our inner child out and watch along with our families all the Halloween movies and tv shows. I honestly look forward to It’s The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown every year on ABC. ABC hasn’t yet released what date and time they’ll be showing It’s The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown and usually they’ll announce it after or during the first week of October.

ABC’s other cable station Freeform has already released their Scheduel of the 31 nights of Halloween and here is what you can watch on the first days of October starting with Thursday the 1st.

Thursday, Oct. 1

12:30p/11:30c – Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory

3p/2c –  Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride

5p/4c – Casper (1995)

7p/6c – Hotel Transylvania

9p/8c – Hocus Pocus

12a/11c – Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory

Friday, Oct. 2

11a/10c – The Goonies

1:30p/12:30c – Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride

3:05p/2:05c – Casper (1995)

5:10p/4:10c – Hotel Transylvania

7:15p/6:15c – Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas

8:55p/7:55c – Beetlejuice

12-2a / 11-1c – The Simpsons: Treehouse of Horro-thon

Saturday, Oct. 3

7a/6c – Monsters vs Aliens: Mutant Pumpkins

7:30a/6:30c – The Goonies

10a/9c – Ghostbusters (1984)

12:30p/11:30c – Ghostbusters II

3:05p/2:05c – Beetlejuice

5:10p/4:10c – Hocus Pocus

7:20p/6:20c – The Addams Family (1991)

9:25p/8:25c – Addams Family Values

11:30p/10:30c – The Craft

Sunday, Oct. 4

7a/6c – Ghostbusters (1984)

9:30a/8:30c – Ghostbusters II

12p/11c – Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory

2:05p/1:05c – Decorating Disney: Halloween Magic

3:05p/2:05c – Casper (1995)

5:10p/4:10c – The Addams Family (1991)

7:15p/6:15c – Addams Family Values

9:20p/8:20c – Hocus Pocus

11:30p/10:30c – Sleepy Hollow (1999)

If you want to check the rest of Freeform’s 31 nights of Halloween you can go here to their official page:

Check out which movies or specials you might want to watch with your family and it’s okay if you don’t like Hocus Pocus honestly that movie is getting overplayed. I’m more excited they’re going to play The Goonies and Sleepy Hollow with Johnny Depp.

Happy Halloween Viewing!

AMC Fear Fest 2020 —

AMC Fear Fest 2020

photo credit: AMC via Twitter

October is known for that time of year where we horror movie lovers wait for AMC to pop out it’s FEAR FEST marathon and usually it lasts for two weeks. This year due to the pandemic and all the craziness in the world AMC is going rock our HORROR!

Starting October 1st AMC will be having their Annual Fear Fest for the entire month of October. Honestly I think that’s awesome because I always wait every year for Fear Fest to start and watch awesome marathons of different themes throughout that time. I’m so excited we get a whole month dedicated to their Fear Fest.

Here’s the Lineup for October 1st, 2020 on AMC

9 am EST: Eli Roth’s History of Horror

10:01 am EST: From Dusk till Dawn 2: Texas Blood Money

12:00 pm EST: From Dusk till Dawn

2:00 pm EST: Dracula 2000

4:00 pm EST: A Nightmare on Elm Street (remake not the orignal)

6:00 pm EST: Bride of Chucky

8:00 PM EST: Halloween (John Carpenter’s original)

10:00 PM EST: Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers

Check out AMC’s website and look on their schedule and put it in your calendar what show’s you want to watch during this whole EPIC month of FEAR FEST!


School is here…..sort of — September 7, 2020

School is here…..sort of

Here we are again back to school well almost just most of us are doing school at home virtually, unless you’re already ahead of the game and have been doing homeschool with your children.

Honestly right now it’s semi scary because where I live cases keep rising not as dramatically as other parts of the states but already two different schools have had three to one cases of COVID 19. The schools aren’t closing they’re just going to sanitize everything and say okay it’s safe to come in the building. That really frustrates me because CDC and the State Health Department have been stating about contact tracing which both schools should do to see who’ve these people have been around and if they might end up with COVID 19.

I have my oldest in school because it’s his first time in 9th grade. He wears the mask and the school so far has been strict with social distancing everywhere throughout the high school. Every day when my child comes home I have him change his day clothes put them in his dirty hamper, wash hands, etc. I’m being really diligent and responsible when he comes home from school.

To me 9th grade is a huge deal because it’s a new school and also it’s crucial for social skills and it’s the better shift and change from middle school. My child has Autism Spectrum Disorder and mental health diagnoses and I’ve been in contact with the emotional supports teacher and his other teachers to make sure that the IEP is being followed and that my child is receiving the supports needed to succeed throughout the day in his classes. I can’t tell you enough whether your child is in school or you are doing virtual school to continue to advocate for your child with whatever services your child needs to succeed. Whether it’s an IEP or a 504 which both are completely different which I’ll get into that on a different post.

He made it through the first week of school with only one hiccup which was great and everyone is being very supportive. Now it’s just continuing to make sure that homework and assignments get done on time and checking on things.

My youngest child whom is 13 is doing school virtually and from her life skills teacher I made the right choice because my child apparently still has a hard time sitting still and likes to move around a lot. Not that she’s not responsible but I know how easy it is for her to slip and want to hug her friends and teachers and it’s not time to hug people again or be our regular everyday normal selves except at home with family.

However you have decided for your children to learn whether homeschool, in school traditional learning, or have them virtually learning due to COVID 19 I wish you all good luck to this school year.

Impact Play — August 25, 2020

Impact Play

Photo Credit Whisper

Impact Play is one of my favorite things as far as kink is concerned. As a bottom I’m able to let go of all and any stress and go into sub space while in a scene depending on the duration and how it’s being conducted.

Impact play is where both parties Top and Bottom consent and negotiate a scene in where the Top is implementing an item/object and striking a safe part of the bottoms body. It can be very pleasurable for one or both parties.

Negotiation and Consent are vital to any scene as some bottoms like and enjoy more pain and being marked or really red. Some bottoms may just have a light pain tolerance and that’s okay it’s still fun and you might be completely new to impact play and just want to lightly explore. Communication is key to any scene in kink/bdsm as well as using safe words which will either slow down the scene or completely stop the scene.

Here are some charts on where it’s okay to implement such object on the body and the types of different impact toys that a Top might use.

Photo Credit Reddit
Photo Credit the nooky box

If you want to know more knowledge about impact play and engaging in impact play with your partner here are some sites and articles listed below and some people who make Impact Play Toys

Impact play 101

Submissive Guide Fumdimentals Impact Play

Agreeable Agony Impact Toys

Wicked Evil Goodies- Instagram page

Halloween is around the corner — August 19, 2020

Halloween is around the corner

It was unoffically announced by our favorite mail girl Darcy that The Last Drive in with Joe Bob Briggs will be doing a Halloween special this year!

Honestly i’m really excited for it because of the new and inventive ways to be outside and also attend regularly gathered venues we just normally went to.

Halloween is exactly 73 days away from today and I’m excited that this year I’ll get to buy my decorations and costumes for my teens in September rather than waiting until October when prices are gouged and high for us late Halloween shoppers. Seriously check out the ads in September for costumes and decorations it’ll be lower than what it would be in October.

Here’s to waiting 73 days well maybe 72 days for their Halloween Special as The Last Drive In with Joe Bob Briggs usually airs on Friday nights at 9 pm EST on Shudder.

Don’t forget to check out your local outdoor haunted mazes and hayrides as it’s outdoors and i’m sure they’ll have some plans in the works so we can enjoy our favorite time of year socially distanced.

The countdown to Halloween is on!

Long week — August 15, 2020

Long week

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Pretty much it’s been a busy week and I’ve been focusing more on being present at home. Spending more quality time with my kids, yes I already do that but I’ve been in a funk for awhile.

My neighbors next door lost their little kitten who is so sweet and cute so I took action to help them and put flyers around my neighborhood and used social media to put Lost Cat posts. I got very lucky because the evening that I put the flyers up the kitten was returned to my neighbors and plus my own cat was happy to see the little kitty because they were friends. I have happy neighbors and a very happy cat now. Life couldn’t be sweeter with all the things going on in the world now.

I’ve also been taking a bit more care of myself mentally and physically as well. I’ve been walking a bit more this week and taking Epsom salt baths as well, which after a friend of mine told me that it helps clean your energy it’s really helped especially my joins and arthritis.

My teenager now really loves the movie Halloween, which I took the time this week to watch some old Joe Bob Briggs The Last Drive In episodes on Shudder, and now thinks Michael Meyers is awesome. It’s a fun movie to watch especially since we are now closer to the Ber months!!! I’m so excited to decorate for Halloween this year. Covid-19 isn’t taking away my Halloween and I don’t care if my activities are mostly at home.

Hope everyone is doing well and keeping safe.

Have a wonderful weekend! T.

Evolving — August 8, 2020


I used the word evolving as a title because everyone and everything around us evolves and changes and two I used it because the word has been recently explained to me in different terms where we are in a constant state of evolving and changing.

After I took this Zencation online retreat and have been processing things from what I’ve learned, I’ve been looking at my past trauma and experiences I’ve personally been through and I’ve come to open my mind more on that I might decide to not re enter a D/s dynamic again because I value my independence I’ve really had over the past 3 years.

In my past I’ve allowed not very nice people in my life and I know that I do not want to allow not nice people in my life anymore. Yes I realize that not at all people are bad and not all people are going to treat me badly. I’ve also taken this time to see myself more while figuring out things.

In my community it’s a little sad because some people choose to be catty and be little people if you are not on their side of the fence. I believe that is wrong because you’re shutting not only doors but also a place that might be someone’s only safe haven to them. I’m morally not okay with that because I’ve been where I’ve had nowhere to turn to and no one to talk to for help. I really wish that those would put down their daggers and be more open to everyone.

I would love to help build within whole communities on helping those who are finding a safe haven and a place to reach out for help. I know what abuse is like and I know what it’s like to be completely alone in that you have no one to look for to ask for help.

I’ve learned and kept in mind to look at what brings you joy in how you want to serve and help others. I’m still processing that and yes it’s been so much slower with COVID-19 going on and who knows how long it’ll be that way but it’s figuring out how to work within and around it.

I hope all are safe and well. 💙

What if your safe word is violated? — July 29, 2020

What if your safe word is violated?

Photo from Google

Safe words are one of the most important conversations you will have when negotiating with your Top. Safe words are what lets the Top know when to slow down or stop during a scene.

It’s so important to have that talk before playing with anyone and if you’re uncomfortable talking open and honestly about this then you really should not be playing at all because not only will you end up hurting yourself but you will hurt those around you and that is not okay.

The basic safe words that are used are the traffic light system of Green, Yellow, and Red. We all know that Green is go, yellow means slow down especially if you might have been introduced to something new. Red means stop meaning that scene is over period no exceptions and aftercare should start right away.

What happens if our safe words are violated?

I will be sharing my own experience as yes I’ve had a safe word violated. I will stop here and say TRIGGER WARNING DO NOT GO FURTHER IF YOU ARE TRIGGERED

Photo from The F Word

This is what happened in my own experience with safe words being violated.

I was playing privately with someone and this was six months after I had gotten to know them and played publicly with and I felt safe with person because they had not ignored my safe words until this moment.

We were in a regular scene I was being flogged and spanked just good impact play. He then stopped and was grabbing something else and I didn’t know what it was I was already in my happy place. The only thing he said was to relax and breathe and then I felt it. I then panicked which turned into a panic attack I screamed no, red, stop. He did not listen and I was crying with my head deep inside the pillow. He had inserted without consent a butt plug in me. I had literally froze after crying I lost all emotions I was now in survive mode of finish the damn scene and get the fuck out. I did not know what else to do when it was over and I was finally at home I texted him not to contact me anymore and that I do not want to play with you anymore. That you violated me. He never contacted me again and I only saw him once at a club event which yes my insides freaked out but I remained calm and didn’t go near him at all. All I will say is that Karma did do justice for me.

Since that did happen I’ve been extremely picky who I play with and who I’m around. I do not play privately with anyone anymore it must be in a safe public space with lots of people around. I could care less about others seeing my naked flaws I’d rather be around others while playing. Then I know there are witnesses and it’s safe.

Thankfully others out there have shared some wonderful information about safety and safe words.

I highly recommend playing after you’ve taken the time to really know someone and please play in a public dungeon with DM’s. Always do your research about each venue making sure they comply with safety and the well being of others that is most important

Have you ever had your safe words disregarded or ignored? If you’re okay to share I invite you to please share in the comments.

I am going to leave here a few links on consent and negotiations and the importance of safe words.

Beyond safe words when saying No in BDSM isn’t enough

Lehigh Valley Kink Red Flags of Abuse within BDSM

What’s coming August 2020 to streaming services — July 27, 2020

What’s coming August 2020 to streaming services

Photo from cnet

August is literally this coming Saturday and if you enjoy movies I’m sure you’re already looking forward to the new additions to your favorite streaming service.

Here’s what’s coming!


  • A Knight’s Tale
  • Acts of violence
  • The Addams Family (1991)
  • An Education
  • Being John Malkovich
  • Death at a Funeral
  • Dennis the menace
  • Elizabeth Harvest
  • Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind
  • hardcore Henry
  • Iron Man armored adventures: season 1-2
  • Jurassic Park, Jurassic Park:The Lost World, Jurassic World 3
  • Mad Max
  • Mr. Deeds
  • My perfect landing season 1
  • Nagi-Asu: A Lull in the Sea: Season 1
  • The Neverending Story, The Neverending Story Chapter 2 (so excited for these 2)
  • The next step season 6
  • Nights in Rodanthe
  • Oceans thirteen
  • Oceans twelve
  • Operation ouch season 1
  • Operation ouch special
  • Remember me
  • Seabiscut
  • Super monsters the new class (Netflix original)
  • Toradora!: Season 1
  • Transformers Rescue Bots Academy: Season 2
  • The ugly truth
  • What keeps you alive

August 2nd

  • Almost Love
  • Connected- Netflix original documentary

August 3rd

  • Immigration Nation – Netflix original documentary

August 4

  • A Go! Go! Cory Carson summer camp -Netflix Original
  • Malibu Rescue: The next wave – Netflix original
  • Mundo Misterio/ Mystery Lab – Netflix original
  • Special Jay: 3 in the morning – Netflix comedy special

August 5th

  • Anelka: L’Incompris/Anelka: Misunderstood — Netflix Documentary
  • World’s Most Wanted — Netflix Documentary

August 6th

  • The Rain Season 3 Netflix Original
  • The Seven Deadly Sins: Imperial Wrath of The Gods — Netflix Anime

August 7th

  • Alta Mar/High Seas: Season 3 — Netflix Original
  • Berlin, Berlin- Netflix Original Film
  • The Magic School Bus Rides Again Kids In Space — Netflix Family
  • Nailed It! México: Season 2 — Netflix Original
  • The New Legends of Monkey: Season 2 — Netflix Family
  • Selling Sunset Season 3 – Netflix Original
  • Sing on! Germany – Netflix Original
  • Tiny Creatures- Netflix Original
  • Wizards: tale of Arcadia – Netflix family original
  • Word party songs – Netflix Original family
  • Work it- Netflix Original film

August 8th

  • The promise
  • We summon the darkness

August 10th

  • Game On: A Comedy Crossover Event — Netflix Original
  • Nightcrawler

August 11th

  • Mr. Peabody and Sherman
  • Rob Schneider: Asian Momma, Mexican Kids — Netflix Comedy Special

August 12

  • Scary movie 5
  • (Un)Well — Netflix Documentary

August 13

  • Safety not guaranteed
  • Une fille facile/An Easy Girl — Netflix Film

August 14th

  • 3% season 4 – Netflix Original
  • El robo del siglo — Netflix Original
  • Fearless- Netflix Original film
  • Glow up – season 2 Netflix Original
  • Project power – Netflix Original film
  • The legend of Korra: Book one Air, Book two spirits, Book three change, Book four balance
  • Octonauts & the Caves of Sac Actun — Netflix Family
  • Teenage bounty hunters – Netflix Original

August 15th

  • Rita season 5 Netflix Original
  • Stranger season 2 Netflix Original

August 16th

  • Johnny English
  • Les Miserables (2012)

August 17th

  • Crazy Awesome Teachers – Netflix Original
  • Drunk Parents
  • Glitch Techs season 2 – Netflix original family

August 19th

  • Crímenes de familia / The Crimes That Bind — Netflix Film
  • DeMarcus Family Rules – Netflix Original
  • High Score – Netflix Documentary

August 20

  • Biohackers- Netflix Original
  • Good Kisser
  • Great pretender – Netflix Anime
  • John was trying to contact aliens – Netflix Animation

August 21st

  • Alien TV – Netflix Original family
  • Fuego negro — Netflix Film
  • Hoops – Netflix Original
  • Lucifer season 5 – Netflix Original
  • Rust valley restorers – season 3 – Netflix Original
  • The Sleepover – Netflix Original

August 23

  • 1 BR
  • Septembers of Shiraz

August 25th

  • Emily’s wonder lab – Netflix Original family
  • Trinkets season 2 – Netflix Original

August 26th

  • Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol — Netflix Original
  • La venganza de Analía — Netflix Original
  • Million dollar beach house – Netflix Original
  • Rising Phoenix- Netflix documentary

August 27th

  • Aggretsuko: Season 3 — Netflix Anime
  • Retsuko the red panda
  • The bridge curse
  • The frozen ground

August 28th

  • All Together now – Netflix Original
  • Cobra Kai Seasons 1&2 – Netflix Original (karate kid all grown up awesome show so excited)
  • I AM A KILLER Released – Netflix Original
  • Orígenes secretos / Unknown Origins — Netflix Film

August 31st

  • Casino Royale
  • Quantum of Solace

Disney Plus

August 7th

  • The Peanuts Movie
  • Howard- Disney plus documentary on the lyricists behind the songs from beauty and the beast, the little mermaid, Aladdin
  • Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge Adventure Awaits
  • Muppets Now Episode 2
  • Disney family Sunday’s – series finale

August 14th

  • The one and only Ivan
  • The Greatest Showman
  • Muppets Now Episode 3
  • Magic Camp
  • Spaced out season 1
  • Weird but true! Season 3
  • Alaska animal rescue season 1

August 21st

  • Back to the Titanic
  • Muppets now – episode 4
  • Mars: One day on the red planet

August 28th

  • Fantastic Four (2005)
  • Phineas and Ferb The Movie: Candace against the Universe
  • Muppets now Episode 5


August 1st

  • Monchhichi: Complete Season 1B (Cartoon Network)
  • The Pier (El Embarcadero): Complete Seasons 1 & 2 (BetaFilm)
  • UniKitty: Complete Season 2B (Cartoon Network
  • 71 (2015)
  • 3:10 to Yuma (2017) this one is fun to watch great action
  • A Good Woman (2006)
  • A perfect murder (1998)
  • Australia (2008)
  • The Brothers McCullen (1995)
  • Cats and Dogs (2001)
  • Child’s Play (1988) if you don’t like scary tiny dolls popping out of nowhere this isn’t for you
  • City Slickers (1991)
  • City Slickers 2 The Legend of Curly’s Gold (1994) I saw this at the drive in when it came out it’s a cute movie
  • Company Business
  • Death at a Funeral
  • Elena undone
  • Elena undone – 10th anniversary
  • Four weddings and a funeral
  • Free fall
  • Gayby
  • Hellraiser
  • Hurricane Bianca
  • Just Charlie
  • The legend of the guardians: The owls of Ga’Hoole this is an awesome movie
  • Margin Call
  • Master and commander: the far side of the world – boring
  • My best friends wedding
  • My bloody valentine (1981) this horror movie rocks it’s super cheesy!!!!
  • Pit Stop
  • Rain man (1988)
  • Rustlers Rhapsody
  • Safe
  • The Saint
  • Sleeping with the enemy
  • Sordid lives
  • Spare parts
  • Stanley &Iris
  • Star Trek II the wrath of Kahn
  • Star Trek III The search for Spock
  • Star Trek V the final frontier
  • Star Trek VI The undiscovered country
  • Star Trek Insurrection
  • Star Trek The motion picture
  • Stuck on you
  • Top Gun
  • Ultraviolet
  • Up in the air
  • We’re the world mine

August 2nd

  • Shark vs. Surfer special National Geographic

August 3

  • Dora and the lost city of gold
  • Ordinary love

August 6th

  • The real wives of Orange County Season 14
  • The peanut butter falcon
  • Slay the dragon

(Yeah I’m not adding the rest of Hulu it’s pretty much TV 🤷‍♀️ ugh)

Prime will have the same new movies as Hulu except their New movie for August will be 2020’s Capone which will be available August 10th

Brand new movies HBO will be showing August 2020

  • August 18th Birds of Prey And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn, 2020 (HBO)
  • August 22nd Queen and Slim
  • The way back

FYI August 25th HBO dumps all the Harry Potter movies so watch them before the 25th

Happy Streaming

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