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Fantasy Island small spoilers — February 16, 2020

Fantasy Island small spoilers


(Photo credit: IMDb)

The first thing I’m going to say about this movie is FREAKING MARRY POPPINS! For those who’ve already seen the movie will understand that statement unless you have not seen Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2. I loved seeing Micheal Rooker in the film. I thought he did awesome and loved his character.

Overall the movie was pretty good and yes it stayed very PG-13 throughout the film. I did get a bit annoyed near the end and as you get towards the end you may or may not understand why.  It’s a main plot that is used everywhere and almost for everything as a motivator or motive. There were some shock values through the film and some funny moments as well. Kim Coates has a bit of a role in this film as well and yes I went dorky seeing him because I loved Sons of Anarchy.

I will say this and that is it would be fun and interesting if BLUMHOUSE turns this into a thriller/sci-fi series on SCI-FI or even partners with Shudder for one.   I know it wouldn’t be an extremely long lived thing because you can only go so far with a plot and keep it running. Not to be rude to zombie fans but look how long The Walking Dead has been going on? It’s about zombies and staying alive during a zombie apocalypse? I’d rather just watch my 90 or more minutes of zombie movies.

Enjoy watching Fantasy Island if you go out for it at the movies.



Midsommar — February 13, 2020



(Photo credit: IDmb)

MIDSOMMAR – Well i’m just going to dive in here and get straight to it!

This movie is ten times more fucked up than The Wicker Man and the music throughout the movie is freaking annoying especially the villagers singing.

In the beginning of the movie we are introduced to a character of the name of Dani. (After the beginning credits and the forest scenery with snow everywhere)

Dani is on her PC and calling someone which we then see is a guy named Christian.

While she’s reaching Christian, we see that he is in a pub/bar with a group of friends and all of them are bashing on him because Christian doesn’t want to be Dani anymore and apparently he’s wanted out of this relationship for a year now. Dani is apparently frantic because of an email she read from her sister which we learn in the conversation with Christian that her sister has bipolar disorder.

During the back and forth phone calls we then discover that Dani’s sister has killed both her mom and dad and herself by inhaling carbon monoxide from the cars in the garage. (I’m not going to go too much into detail with this you’ll have to watch the movie)

When Dani learns of this tragedy she’s completely upset and crying into Christian on her chair. The next day we see her laying in bed and she gets up and sees Christian in the other room as he’s ready to head out.

Later we see Christian with his group of friends at their house talking about the trip to Sweden and Christian announces to the group of friends that he’s invited Dani to go with but that he thinks that she won’t actually go. Dani enters the room and it’s an awkward conversation about her going to Sweden. One of the friend’s in the group his name is Pelle and he was the main head person who orchestrated a trip to Sweden because that’s where his family is. (that’s what he says at this time)

Fast forward to Sweden!

When the group arrives where Pelle is taking them we see a commune of people in white fabric clothing with designs on them and learn that they are called Hårgans.

It just gets stranger along the way because they are shown different houses and ultimately where they will sleep during their stay. There are paintings of different scenarios and runes along the way. Yes you pretty much figure out by this point of the movie that people are going to die and be sacrificed.

We are explained in the bed house how ages are divided. Pelle lays out the life cycle of Hårgans for his friends shortly after they arrive in the commune. The life of each member of the community is divided into four seasons, each lasting 18 years. Childhood (spring) lasts from ages 0 to 18, and from ages 18 to 36 (summer) young people leave on a pilgrimage, spending those years living in other places around the world. They return to the commune and work from ages 36 to 54 (fall), and from ages 54 to 72 (winter) they lead the community as elders.

The next morning when they go to breakfast (as Pelle explains the night before that the next day was a big day). We see two elderly people a man and a woman make their way from the big yellow triangle house. They come to the table and do some breathing stuff and sit down and everyone else follows suite. When the couple get up and leave the table they are then placed on these beds and are carried ontop of a mountain. The rest of the villagers and the non villagers all gather at the bottom of the mountain. The scene then goes back and forth from Dani, Christian, Pelle, etc. and the Elderly woman and man.

The couple end up one at time jump from the edge of the mountain cliff and ultimately die. The death is actually quick, except the elderly man because after his fall only his leg was broken and he was alive screaming. Plenty of blood and bones for all to watch during this scene. The deaths ultimately set the tone for the movie and one by one we see each person of the group disappear and end up being murdered. (Which we do not see how they are murdered by the villagers we only see the aftermath of their deaths).

The biggest death of all is after Dani is taken. on the last day of the festival, with the other women of the villagers. The woman has a white dress for her to wear and a crown of flowers to adorn on her head. Dani is to partake of the dancing celebration where the winner is crowned May Day queen. Dani ends up winning and becoming the May Day queen and is then told to go in the carriage throughout the village and bless the land and crops for the rest of the year. While Dani is doing this, Christian is then summoned by a female villager named Maya who has chosen Christian to be her mating partner while they’ve been staying at the village. We see Christian go into an open door house and there is a group of naked women villagers and Maya laying in bed of flowers and big leaves waiting naked for Christian. Ultimately Christian mates with Maya.

After Dani returns in the carriage from blessing the land she tries at first to go the hut but another woman tells Dani, “No that is not for us”. Ultimately Dani doesn’t listen and goes to the door peering through the keyhole seeing what Christian is doing. Dani then has her big crying meltdown and the other women villagers take her into the bed house and they all mimic her crying and meltdown.

Christian leaves the house after the mating is over and he freaks out trying to find a place to hide and ends up hiding in the chicken coop. We then see while he is hiding what happened to the rest of the group and how they were killed. A village man stops Christian by blowing some dust/sand residual into his eyes and we see him fall down to the ground. Christian is then woken up and told he cannot speak or move and he is in a wooden wheel chair. We see Dani as the May Day queen sitting in a thrown and one of the male leader villagers announces the final event of MIDSOMMAR is the human and volunteer sacrifice which is chosen and carried out through the May Day queen.

The sacrifices are picked as another elder village man rolls balls of ruins with a huge bingo cage. Two regular male villagers are chosen to volunteer to sacrifice themselves and then Christian is chosen as well and the elder village then turns to Dani and waits for the word to start the sacrifices. We then see on a table an elder man with two young boys taking out the intestines of a bear that was killed and end up with Chrisitan wearing the dead bear and placed in the yellow triangle house. The main elder leader awaits a gesture from Dani to begin and she nods and then several villagers begin to set the hay on fire inside the building. While they are doing this we see others from the group and other outsiders that were killed. The fire spreads and when the two male volunteers are on fire they scream loudly and outside the villagers are screaming, dancing, and mocking the horrific sounds of them being burnt alive. Christian still cannot move or speak so we just see him sitting there burning alive as he is charred by the fire. We are then focused back to Dani who is covered to her neck in a full dressing of flowers and she starts to at first melt down and panic but then stands up breathing and then she smiles and then the end credits start.

If you can get past the annoying villagers music and singing definitely check this movie out!



A Charlie Brown Valentine on ABC —
Downton Abbey The Motion Picture — February 9, 2020

Downton Abbey The Motion Picture


(Photo Credit:

Downton Abbey The Motion Picture

What can I say about this movie? I fell absolutely in love with it. I finally got around to watching my rental of it on Fandango Now. I myself am a fan of Downton Abbey when it was a  TV Series on PBS.

All of the original favorites come back for this two hour delight! When I saw the preview commercial I screamed when they showed Carson coming back. I love Carson!

Maggie Smith and Penelope Wilton play their characters so well during the movie. Smith plays Violet Crawley (Lord Grantham’s Mother) and Wilton plays Lady Merton. Fans of Penelope Wilton know that she played Barbra in Shaun of the Dead and Harriet Jones several times on Doctor Who.

A nice treat is we get a bit of Harry Potter fandom as Violet Crawley’s cousin Lady Bagshaw (Imelda Staunton) is with the Royal entourage when they visit Downton Abbey.

For those that do not know Maggie Smith played Professor Mcgonagall and Imelda Staunton played Delores Umbridge in Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix and made a few appearances in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. The famous scene in Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix is when both characters are arguing against once another while Professor Sybill Trelawney was being kicked out of Hogwart’s by Umbridge. So it’s really fun and nice to see these two actresses have a stance again.

Again I genuinely enjoyed this film and they put everything together from right after the ending of the series as it was on PBS. Do take time to check out and watch Downton Abbey The Motion Picture.


Super Bowl Sunday — February 2, 2020

Super Bowl Sunday

It’s Sunday February 2, 2020 and it’s Super Bowl Sunday and also groundhog’s day.

Honestly I know who is playing but I’m personally not a fan of football. So what am I doing?

At the moment I’m watching one my favorite movies Runaway Bride and will not be watching the game except maybe check in on the halftime. Halftime and the commercials are the best thing of the entire game if you’re not a football fan.

As far as Groundhog’s day supposedly there will be six more weeks of winter even though for many places the forecast says differently.

Happy viewing whether you’re watching football or something else.

Snowpiercer — January 18, 2020



photo credit: Amazon, TVLine

I am sure that you’ve heard by now about the TV series coming to TNT which will premier on May 31st?

If not i’d suggest that you check out the movie Snowpiercer which stars actor Chris Evans. Which honestly at the time I actually watched the movie on Netflix I had no idea who Chris Evans was and that it was even him. I was thrilled that John Hurt was in this movie too especially his role in the movie 1984.

In the movie Snowpiercer, we see a train that continually rides around the earth but we don’t know why yet. We are taken through different parts of the train which shows different classes of people from Rich to Poor. (gee where have we seen this before?) The poor people are all the way the back in the train where they work all day and for food they are given this almost jello like disgusting brick of food once per day.

The movie eventually picks up when the poor are tired of being treated like last class citizens because they are cold, sick, and miserable. They also find out that their jello like disgusting brick is made out of bugs. (yeah i’d be upset too it’s really gross when you watch it).  We see our main Character Curtis (Chris Evans) battle his way through the entirety of the train in each department to where the creator of the train this Mr. Wilford (played by Ed Harris). I’m not going to put anymore detail about the movie and after reading this you’ll figure out what it’s about.

TNT has created Snowpiercer which will star Jennifer Connelly and from what i’ve read on different reviews and such they are making this much more like the graphic novels. I’m really excited when the show will start later this year and see how the story fully develops.

Here’s TNT’s link to their Snowpiercer where you can watch the trailer and a few snips.

TNT Snowpiercer

Happy Watching!

The Circle (Netflix) — January 8, 2020

The Circle (Netflix)

The Circle is a reality show on Netflix in which players are on a social media network called the Circle. There are eight players they live in these apartments in the same building but never see each other physically.

They start by fixing their profile and putting a little intro about themselves.

Some of the players are catfishes putting up a fake picture and profile.

So that’s what goes on mostly in the Circle which I found to be boring. I put it on awhile ago because right now I’m getting over a small cold and ear infection.

The show just seems really mundane and just boring, well I got bored by the end of the first episode and I was done watching. That’s my input on the Circle.

Happy binge watching!

Legendary Remaking Dune — January 7, 2020

Legendary Remaking Dune

Legendary Pictures is Remaking Dune and a release date looks like December 2020!

Set in the distant future, “Dune” tells the story of Paul Atreides whose family accepts control of the desert planet Arrakis. As the only producer of a highly valuable resource, control of Arrakis is highly contested among the noble families. After Paul and his family are betrayed, the story explores themes of politics, religion, and man’s relationship to nature as Paul leads a rebellion to restore his family’s control of Arrakis.

If you haven’t seen the Original 1984 version of Dune Please check it out it’s so good and cheesy! Science Cheesy!!!! The original stars Kyle McLachlan and Virginia Madsen and it has the same plot as the remake. You can watch it now on Amazon Prime.

Dune 1984 Trailer

Click the link below for more information on Dune

Dune Remake

Top Horror Movies for 2020 to see —

Top Horror Movies for 2020 to see


Photo Credit: BBC


Hansel and Gretel: A new tale of the Grimm Brother’s classic fairy tale. This shows promise of being very haunting. (Honestly I just hope it won’t be like the movie The Witch I didn’t really care for that one)


The Lodge: A movie about a mom who ends up stuck in a remote holiday village with her step children. Hmm….snowbound maybe? I feel this could end up bloody.

Fantasy Island: A movie based from the Classic TV Show Fantasy Island where your fantasies come true except this movie has a big twist where people die. Please people do not bring your children to this as it is not like the TV Show!

The Invisible Man: The Invisible man is about well The Invisible Man but in this movie a woman’s husband fakes his death and follows her. This movie has a dark theme of Domestic Violence. Please see with caution.


A Quiet Place II: (I have yet to see the first one) This follows the Original movie A Quiet Place where you have to extremely quiet and make no sounds or some creature will come and kill you.


Antlers: A movie that follows a Teacher and this student who is withdrawn, etc and as the film progresses the teacher discovers that the student is what can save the town.

Antebellum: A movie from Jordan Peele which is about an author who somehow finds herself back in time during Slavery in the south.

May: Nothing as of yet


Candyman; A ‘spiritual’ sequel of the original Candyman directed by Jordan Peele. (please don’t mess this up Mr. Peele i’m a huge fan of the versions with Tony Todd) (already sounds like it’s going to suck……..ugh spiritual really?)


Untitled Purge Movie Screenwriter James DeMonaco

August/September: Unknown for now as movies are being developed


HALLOWEEN KILLS: The sequel following 2018’s Halloween Jamie Lee Curtis reprises her role as Laurie Strodes. (Yes I’ve been following this and I LOVE HALLOWEEN)


Escape Room 2: Sequel following 2019’s Escape Room movie From Blumhouse


Still in Development stages



Seberg —



Photo Credit:

January 3rd, 2020 Amazon released the movie Seberg which is about Jean Seberg who was an American Actress who did movies in France and later in her career she had dealings with the FBI after she started joining the Black Panthers and got involved with one of their leaders.

Kristen Stewart will play the main role of Jean Seberg which i’m actually looking forward to seeing this movie.

I think that throughout the years Kristen has become a better actress overall. I know so many made fun of her acting in Twilight. Honestly come on she was a teenager and Bella was really quirky and stuff throughout the books and to me Kristen was okay. I still watch the twilight series every year at home.


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