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Sonic The Hedgehog (2020) Fangirl Spoils ahead! — May 27, 2020

Sonic The Hedgehog (2020) Fangirl Spoils ahead!

Sonic the Hedgehog was freaking awesome!!!!!!!!!!! Yes bringing on the fangirl to this post because I enjoyed the movie and Jim Carrey was awesome as Doctor Robotnik and oh i’ve missed his humor so much!!! Squee!!!!

It was really cool to see a bit of Lore about Sonic and a little bit of where he came from. I wish they would’ve added more information about the Lore of Sonic because we just got so little of it and I think more of that Lore would’ve been nice to see in the movie.

The soundtrack is really awesome the music throughout the movie keeps up the pace and makes so many moments really funny especially the moment where James Marsden and Sonic are in the bar as a fight starts to get really out of control. It just reminded me of the moment in X-Men Apocolypse when Quicksilver is getting everyone out of the school from the fire. (you have to admit that was seriously the best part of that whole movie) The only credited full song that I could find Speed Me Up Wiz KhalifaLil Yachty, Sueco the Child and Ty Dolla $ign and it is a really fun song to listen to. I really recommend checking it out.

Yes the ending spoils is yes it’s a happy ending and then a golden circle appears on the top of the mountain over looking the small town and you think it’s Dr. Robotnik coming out but no it is TAILS!!!!!!!!

So PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Paramount make the sequel!!!!!!!! Sonic and Tails together again oh yes yes yes yes!!!!!!!!!!

So check out Sonic the Hedgehog and then if you’re able to get on your plug in Sega Genesis and play some old school Sonic the Hedgehog.

Happy viewing movie watchers!

Snowpiercer TNT Episode 1 (2020) — May 18, 2020

Snowpiercer TNT Episode 1 (2020)


Snowpiercer TNT’s Original Science Fiction Series has finally started. Snowpiercer was first to be released on May 31st but was pushed up early to May 17th 2020.

Tonight’s first episode was “First the weather changed” and we see the last of the train section where the lowest class of people live on the tail end of the train and then move from there to the higher class of the train where we see Melanie Cavill (Jennifer Connely) attending to the passengers at breakfast. We go from there to a disturbance at the tail end in which Layton Well (Daveed Diggs)  is taken by security and Bess Till (Mickey Summer)  to meet with Melanie and The head of security as there has been a murder on the train. Layton Well has been labeled a detective and Melanie and the mysterious Mr. Wilford want Layton to solve the murder aboard the train to help keep the order and balance.

This is a show that you have to pay attention to otherwise you will get lost easily as it is quick paced. It has a well put together cast and if you enjoyed the movie Snowpiercer, you will enjoy the TV Show as well. Each episode is an hour long and will air on Sundays at 9 pm EST on TNT.

Serenity (2019 film) — May 10, 2020

Serenity (2019 film)


Serenity is definitely a thriller/mystery/psychological type of film. Matthew McConaughey did such a great job in his role. He plays a character named Baker Dill who lives on this island named Plymouth, where he is a fisherman. One day his ex wife (played by Anne Hathaway) comes to the island to ask Baker Dill to help her dispose of her new husband.

I don’t want to give much more about the film away but it’s really good and yes you will get confused until near the ending of the film. Diane Lane, Anne Hathaway, and Djimon Gaston Hounsou all build the film’s intensity and action that happens.

If you enjoy thriller/mystery type of movies this movie is definitely up your alley. It is available to watch free right now on Amazon Prime.

The King Eternal Monarch (Netflix/South Korean TV Original) — April 27, 2020

The King Eternal Monarch (Netflix/South Korean TV Original)


Photo Credit: Google

The King Eternal Monarch is a really interesting show and yes there are subtitles as you watch.

The show is about two different parallel universes of South Korea where one is a Kingdom of Corea and one is called The Republic of Korea. The Republic of Korea is much more modern and up to date where they have fast food because apparently in the kingdom there isn’t such a thing.

The current King of Corea, Lee Gon,  is the son of former King, The Emperor, who ends up being murdered by his illegitimate brother, Lee Rim. When The Emperor is murdered we see Lee Rim taking out this magic flute called the Manpasikjeok which is how Lee Rim and Lee Gon are able to travel between the two worlds.

The cast is wonderful and I’m really loving the story line of the show. The best part is the season finale isn’t until June 2020 because this a fresh TV show which Netflix has been really awesome to premier.

That’s all i’m going to say about the show but if you’re a fan of Fantasy and Romance please check out this show!



The Invisible Man (2020) — April 8, 2020

The Invisible Man (2020)


Photo credit: IMBd

This movie takes a whole notch up from the original Invisible Man and also Hollow Man, which starred Kevin Bacon and Elizabeth Shue.

Elisabeth Moss was perfect for this movie, especially since her other character, Offred, from The  Handmaid’s Tale deals with a lot of domestic violence which is the base of this movie.

You have the main characters in the movie Cecilia and her husband Adrian. Cecilia is trying to escape and flee from Adrian because of how controlling and abusive he is. Adrian throughout the years has been working on this brand new technology where he can be completely invisible to everyone.

After Cecilia finally escapes and is safe, for now, she hears from her sister that her husband has died from suicide. After we see her finally feeling safe in comes invisible Adrian messing up her life and physically abusing her again.

I won’t get into too much detail but for Domestic Violence survivors who watch this movie you will love the ending and will be rooting for Cecilia the entire movie.

Check it out if you like but warning from a former Domestic Violence survivor, this movie will Trigger you. This movie completely triggered me to where I was just angry for a few days after because I wish I could do what Cecilia does in the end it’s very beautiful.

The Invisible Man is now available for rental on all digital platforms and since it’s brand new it’s 19.99 for 48 hours.

New Streaming April 2020 — April 1, 2020

New Streaming April 2020

Here are all the links for April 2020 for all new streams digitally. Just copy, paste, and go! Happy streaming


Amazon Prime

April 10 Rambo:Last blood (2019)


April 11th It: Chapter 2 (2019)


April 8th Parasite (2019)

Disney Plus

April 1 Dolittle

April 3rd Onward



Break out the holiday cartoons! — March 22, 2020

Break out the holiday cartoons!

Yes I’m at home with my mom and my two kids and yes I’m doing everything possible to keep them sane whilst keeping myself sane.

Social inclusion isn’t easy for really long extended periods of time and honestly for me it’s because my kids schedules got ripped out. So while you’re streaming movies and such break out the Christmas and holiday cartoons. YouTube has a huge library and free full of hours of Christmas cartoons and while I’m writing this I’ve put on A Garfield Christmas Special. It’s one of my favorites as well as my kids.

Dig into your childhood and watch those classics. It’ll give you a smile and a good mental break. It’s helping my mood right now too.

Happy watching all!

Brightburn — March 17, 2020



(Photo Credit:

I checked out the movie Brightburn finally as it was on STARZ and I enjoyed watching it as it’s pretty much the opposite of superman.

A spaceship crash lands in the woods and these parents go and see what the noise and light is and discover……ta da a baby in a spaceship. Instead of the child being nice and polite like Clark Kent, the child becomes malevolent and causes destruction once puberty hits and the spaceship chants out some weird words in whatever language.

I thought Elizabeth Banks and David Denman did a great job as the parents and honestly Elizabeth highlights what most parents would do for their child when disaster hits and things take a rough patch.

Overall the movie was entertaining but also a movie to watch probably once.

Check out STARZ which is available on all platforms of devices including Amazon, Itunes, and Google play.

Escape Room — March 14, 2020

Escape Room


(Photo Credit: Yes/No Detroit)

Escape Room right now is actually on STARZ to watch and last night I finally partook and watched the movie.

I definitely was happy to see Deborah Ann Woll in the film because I still love her acting in the HBO Show True Blood as Jessica. The rest of the cast I didn’t really know but non the less they were all really good in their roles during the movie.

Escape Room is pretty much what it is participants enter an Escape Room except these ones are deadly and well people die but these rooms were done by a mysterious person named Wootan Yu. Which is at the end of the film an anagram for No Way Out and we then see this mysterious person and their cooperation ready to take down the flight that the characters Zoey and Ben take to go after Wootan Yu and we get left just with that.

Director Adam Robitel will be back to make Escape Room 2 and honestly I hope we find out who this Wootan Yu really is and maybe how to stop him or maybe this whole Escape Room game will be like SAW and The Purge and never stop.  Which I could see happening but the first one was really enjoyable for me and I just want to see the head of this sick game and yes I want justice served to him. At least the movie wasn’t as annoying as the CUBE movies were. Those just kept you on a string to sleep town.

Escape Room 2 has a date of release on December 30th, 2020.

For more information on Escape Room 2 you can check out IMDb. Escape Room 2

If you enjoyed SAW and The Purge you’ll enjoy the game and puzzles through Escape Room.


A Quiet Place —

A Quiet Place


(Photo Credit: American Library Association)

I’m about two years of not joining the band wagon on this film because for years I though oh it’s just another apocalypse or zombie type movie.

Well I was wrong about one of those topics that no it’s not a zombie movie. It is an Apocalypse movie and I highly did enjoy this movie.

It’s very real and it makes you believe that what is going on the film could happen in life. So many jump out of your seat moments and the pace keep right on going it really does not skip a beat. There is rarely much time to catch your breath it is full of suspense and you’re rooting for this family to survive and make it. 

I was so sad when John’s character had to die but he did it so the kids could survive and make it back to their mother, played by Emily Blunt. Emily and John are really brilliant in the film with their acting. I am excited to see A Quiet Place II and it’ll probably after it’s on DVD or Netflix because of the quarantine stuff going on which I’m not going to get into that. Just know that if you have not in these years watched A Quiet Place you’re really missing out and it’s just really enjoyable and the cast were just brilliant. 


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