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Day 10 Favorite Vampire Character — October 10, 2020

Day 10 Favorite Vampire Character

There are so many different vampires from books, movies, and TV shows or adaptations of Dracula.

It’s definitely a hard choice just picking one vampire character so I’m going to share my favorite vampire characters one from a book, movie, and tv show.

Favorite book vampire character: Vittorio

Favorite vampire from a movie: Armand

Favorite vampire from a TV show: Eric Northman

I’m a book lady! — September 18, 2020

I’m a book lady!

So I’m doing a thing and it’s what is called a Book Lady. I will say it’s a little tough because well I have anxiety and for book parties via Facebook I’m sending messages and asking my friends and family members if they’re interested.

I started this after going to a friend’s Usborne book party at the end of August and I bought several books because well for me I love books. There are some really great books on there especially for young adults and teens. It can be tricky to find it when you’re looking because their website honestly is huge.

I bought myself the Graphic Novel of Dracula and the illustration and art is amazing. I love vampires!

I bought my youngest daughter who is 13 an adult coloring book called Witty Quotes. It’s a cute book and she’s enjoyed coloring in it with her markers.

For my oldest who is 14 years old I bought him this book called The Boy Band of the Apocalypse. It’s part of a small series and pretty much it’s about a kid who tries to save the world from a Boy Band who call themselves Apocalips’ by recruiting his friend and becoming a singer himself. It’s a cute and fun chapter book for older kids.

If you’re checking this out and are interested here’s a fiction catalogue you can look at.

There are so many different books for all ages that’s the other reason why I decided to try being a book lady because I can earn some free books and there are so many of their adult coloring books I want to buy and some more of the Graphic Novels. Plus they’re really affordable you can find so many books for $5.00 and well plus tax of course except in Oregon. Oregon is the only sales tax free state.

If you’re interested or want to check out these books and shop here: /

If you like what you see and would like to join my personal VIP group on Facebook leave a comment!

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