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Day 4 Biggest Fear — October 4, 2020

Day 4 Biggest Fear

What’s your biggest fear?

Personally thank you to Steven Spielberg’s JAWS I’ve always had a fear of Sharks.

Photo credit National Geographic

I saw the movie JAWS with my dad on vhs when I was 5 years old. I loved it and when you’re a kid and you watch animals or monsters it’s pretty cool. What kid doesn’t like animals or monsters?

I went on watching every JAWS film made after seeing the first one and they were also the only horror movies my mom would let me watch.

There’s just something utterly fascinating about sharks and yeah they seem like really scary creatures especially with everything the media produces but they also help out our eco system especially with jellyfish. Sharks eat them and that’s a good thing otherwise the ocean would be over populated with jellyfish.

What’s your biggest fear? Share in the comments

Halloween is around the corner — August 19, 2020

Halloween is around the corner

It was unoffically announced by our favorite mail girl Darcy that The Last Drive in with Joe Bob Briggs will be doing a Halloween special this year!

Honestly i’m really excited for it because of the new and inventive ways to be outside and also attend regularly gathered venues we just normally went to.

Halloween is exactly 73 days away from today and I’m excited that this year I’ll get to buy my decorations and costumes for my teens in September rather than waiting until October when prices are gouged and high for us late Halloween shoppers. Seriously check out the ads in September for costumes and decorations it’ll be lower than what it would be in October.

Here’s to waiting 73 days well maybe 72 days for their Halloween Special as The Last Drive In with Joe Bob Briggs usually airs on Friday nights at 9 pm EST on Shudder.

Don’t forget to check out your local outdoor haunted mazes and hayrides as it’s outdoors and i’m sure they’ll have some plans in the works so we can enjoy our favorite time of year socially distanced.

The countdown to Halloween is on!

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